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Legal services in Finland

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Lawyers in Finland

We are a team of experienced lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law.

Law Firm in Finland

Law Firm in Finland

Updated on Monday 05th December 2022

Our lawyers in Finland operate under the principles of confidentiality and responsability, providing the most competent services in various areas of law. Our law firm has strengthened over time due to the team spirit and constant concern for improvement. Our lawyers can help clients with a wide range of legal services from debt collection to company formation services. They can also assist clients who want to immigrate to Finland
In our Finland-based law firm, you can obtain the support you need as a private citizen or investor.

Services our lawyers in Finland can provide

Before presenting our main services, we want to let you know that we are at the disposal of foreign citizens and investors who need personalized support in obtaining the necessary documents that enable them to complete activities here.
These are our main services:
  1. tailored support in Commercial Law matters for businesspersons and companies;
  2. assistance in setting up and closing down companies in Finland;
  3. guidance in debt collection, no matter if the procedure is an amicable or court-related one;
  4. assistance in acquiring a property in Finland in accordance with the regulations imposed for foreign citizens;
  5. litigation support for disputes related to Civil Law or Commercial Law cases;
  6. guidance in Family Law cases and immigration issues;
  7. immigration assistance: those who want to move here can receive personalized assistance from our team of immigration lawyers in Finland.
Our law firm in Finland is made of experts in various fields of the law, so that we cover all the needs of our clients. We are at your disposal with legal services, as well as with advice on how choose the best proceeding suitable to your situation.
 Quick Facts  
  Business registration services (YES/NO)

YES, our Finnish lawyers offer company registration services to local and foreign investors

Bank account opening services (YES/NO)

Yes, our lawyers in Finland offer support in personal, corporate and merchant accounts

Support in tax registration (YES/NO)

 Yes, we offer tax registration services in Finland
Assistance in immigrating to Norway (YES/NO)  Our immigration lawyers in Finland can help you apply for temporary and permanent residence permits


Guidance in employment matters (YES/NO) Our law firm in Finland offers assistance in Employment Law matters
Support in Civil Law matters (YES/NO)

Yes, you can rely on our civil lawyers in Finland

Company liquidation services (YES/NO)

Yes, we offer assistance in company liquidation
in Finland

VAT registration support (YES/NO) Our tax lawyers in Finland can help you register for VAT
Assistance in Family Law matters  Marriage registration, divorce, child custody, asset division are the matters our law firm in Finland
can help with
Debt collection assistance (YES/NO)   You can rely on us for amicable and court debt collection procedures in Finland
Support in renting/buying a property (YES/NO) We offer support in property rental and acquisition
Assistance in applying for investment visas (YES/NO) Yes, you can apply for an investor visa with the help of our law firm
Litigation support (YES/NO) Yes, you can rely on our Finnish law firm for representation in litigation cases
Trademark registration services (YES/NO) Yes, we can represent clients in trademark registration procedures
Assistance in inheritance matters (YES/NO) Yes, our law firm in Finland can help you purchase a virtual office

We are able to provide full range of services in Commercial Law

When you encounter any problem related to the Commercial Law in Finland, our lawyers are able to provide you the best advice and counsultancy for:
  • commercial contracts: negotiation, drafting, additions, notifications, inserting clauses in any commercial and civil contracts interfered with the activity of a company;
  • commercial litigation, assistance and representation in the negotiation in both pre-trial phase and before the court;
  • competent legal advice;
  • withdrawal or exclusion associated;
  • company liquidation;
  • representation bebore the court, drafting documents, applications;
  • debt collection;
  • legal assistance in negotiations;
  • drafting and certification of commercial contracts;
  • legal assistance in economic and financial crimes.
Our Finland law firm can offer a wide range of legal services to local and foreign investors. We can also assist in immigration to Finland.

Open a company in Finland with the help of our law firm

We invite you to get in touch with us if you are interested in opening a company in Finland. Our experienced Finnish lawyers are able to offer you guidance for all the steps required by the law in order to run your business in optimum time.
The first step made in order to set up a Finnish company consists of paying the initial capital or the paid-in share capital. After that, the business holder has to register the Finnish limited or private liability companies with the National Board of Patents and Registration. Our lawyers in Finland will also take care of your documentation and acts and by working with us your Finnish company will be established in about 15 days.
Our lawyers will assist you with the registration procedure, no matter the type of business you intend to open: private limited company (Oy), public limited company (Oyj), limited partnership (Ky), general partnership (Ay), Private Person Carrying on Trade or a Branch of a Foreign Company (sivuliike). In case you want to immigrate to Finland and need assistance in obtaining a visa, our team of lawyers can guide you in this matter.

Liquidate a company in Finland

The procedure of closing a company in Finland may become a stresufull operation withouth the correct guidance. By working with our team of lawyers you can close your company in the best conditions for you. In Finland, you can stop the activity of a company by a decision taken during a general meeting. Our lawyers in Finland will assist you during the process of liquidation of the assets, which are converted into cash in oder to cover all the company’s debts. The remaining assets are distributed among the shareholders according to the Articles of Association. The advice provided by an experienced lawyer is essential in each phase as the legal framework in Finland may become complicated.
Our Finland law firm is at your disposal if you want to close down a business here.

Corporate tax compliance in Finland

Any entreprneur who runs a business in Finland must take into account tax compliance, as provided by Finnish rulings and regulation. Our law firms have structered specialized departments for tax compliance and they work with the most competent accountants with the main purpose of providing their clients the best services in this field. VAT registration? Payroll service? Paying taxes? We have complete answers for these questions and by working with our law firm in Finland you will no longer have to worry about these issues.
Furthermore, when it comes to double tax avoidance in Finland, our lawyers have the required experience and knowledge about the double tax treaties signed in Finland. If you are a foreign entrepreneur find out whether you can avoid the double taxation.

Debt collection in Finland

For sure a debt collection procedure in Finland is not a pleasant action you may involve in. But letting this procedure in our lawyers account will offer you a significant advantage before the other party. Our lawyers have a strong backroung in debt collection procedures, they are up to date with all the legal requests and they are able to represent you in any phase of the procedure. Whether you need assistance in the amicable phase, in the negociations, before the court, in relation with public auhorities or you want to take advantage of full services, our lawyers in Finland have the professional competence to obtain the best results for you.    
Our Finland law firm can help you with out-of-court and in-court debt recovery procedures.

Tailored support in buying real estate in Finland

Finland is a very appealing country to live and purchase a property in. Things became even more attractive since at the beginning of 2000, a new law was passed and it provides for the rights of foreigners living here, as well as for non-residents to acquire real estate without applying for permits from the Ministry of Defense. This requirement was applicable to non-EU and non-EEA citizens who now have the same rights as residents to own houses or apartments, as well as other types of properties in this country.
If you are interested in acquiring a property and you have already found the one you desired, you can rely on our  lawyers in Finland for assistance in the legal procedures associated with the purchase. We can help with:
  • drafting the pre-sale agreement and the sale-purchase document;
  • representation during the acquisition procedure, if you cannot be present in the country at the respective moment;
  • assistance in registering the property with the Land Register right after acquisition.
With a power of attorney, our Finland law firm can provide full representation before the seller and the authorities, so all you have to do is come and move into your new home.
If you want to ensure the property you are about to purchase is free of any encumbrances, we can also perform real estate due diligence, and thus ensure that you have made the best decision.
With respect to the costs associated with property purchase in Finland, here are the most important ones:
  1. the real estate transfer tax in Finland is 4% of the value of the property and must be paid by the buyer;
  2. the Land Registration fee is 0.05% of the value of the real estate and must be paid by the new owner;
  3. if a real estate agent was involved in the transaction, the commissions charged by such services providers usually range between 3% and 5% of the value of the real estate.
Our law firm in Finland is at your service with detailed information about the timeframe associated with real estate acquisition, as well as on immigration to Finland.
Are you thinking about relocating to Finland? To work, study, join a family member, or launch a business, you can relocate and file for residency in Finland. Depending on your nationality and personal circumstances, the guidelines on the available types of permits will be provided by our immigration agents.

Litigation support offered by our attorneys in Finland

Disputes are never pleasant and when having to deal with special situations that need court resolution the assistance of a Finnish lawyer is important to the outcome of the case. Therefore, we propose assistance on a case-to-case basis making sure you obtain the representation you deserve.
We can provide legal support in a wide range of issues, among which commercial and employment disputes, civil law matters, such as divorce and child custody, immigration issues, and many others. All you need to do is to contact us at the earliest time possible to obtain assistance from the first stages.
Mediation, arbitration, and court proceedings are the main ways through which disputes can be resolved and our attorneys in Finland can provide assistance in all of them. Here's also a video on our services:

Immigration lawyers in Finland

If you plan to immigrate to Finland, during the first three months of your visit, if you are a citizen of one of European nations and plan to stay here permanently, you must register your right of residence with your local police. You must apply for a residence permit if you are a citizen of another nation and intend to stay in Finland for longer than three months, potentially even working there.
Once you have made the decision to immigrate all you need to do is to get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Finland who will help you apply for the type of residence permit you are interested in. 
We will need some information about your country of residence and details about your personal and educational background in order to help you apply for a work and residence permit.
After you move here, we can also assist with the post-immigration procedures such as registration with various authorities in order to enjoy all the benefits related to living in Finland. Citizenship in Finland can be obtained through birth, declaration, or application. The Finnish Nationality Act specifies the requirements for citizenship. The Act also outlines the duties and rights of Finns. If you meet the criteria and need support in applying for a Finnish passport, you can rely on our local lawyers.
No matter what you need support for, our lawyers in Finland are just an e-mail away, so don’t hesitate to contact us.