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Accountant in Finland

Updated on Monday 20th February 2023

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Accountant in Finland
Living and running a business in Finland means enjoying the benefits of this country, but also paying taxes here. The income tax is the main levy imposed in Finland and it applies based on the residency status of a taxpayer.
Below, our accountant in Finland explain the main accounting services we can provide. If you are a foreign citizen, we have dedicated immigration lawyers in Finland who can help you move here. 
 Quick Facts  
Tax registration support (YES/NO)

We provide support in registering with the
Finnish tax authorities

VAT registration services (YES/NO)

VAT registration can be completed with the Finnish tax authorities through our accountant

Payroll and HR assistance (YES/NO)

 We are at your disposal with payroll manangement, HR, employment and other Labor Law related matters
Audit services (YES/NO)

We provide mandatory and statutory
audit services in Finland

Bookkeeping services (YES/NO) Our accountant in Finland offers specialized bookkeeping services in accordance with the size of your business
Financial statement filing services (YES/NO)

We can file the annual financial statements with the authorities in charge

Accounting services for foreign companies in Finland (YES/NO)

Yes, we are at the service of foreign entrepreneurs and companies operating in Finland

Accreditted accountants availability (YES/NO) Yes, our accountats are accredited by the Finnish Association of Authorised Public Accountants
Personal income tax rate Personal income tax is levied at rates
ranging from 6% to 31.25%
Corporate tax rate 20%
VAT rate The standard rate is 24%
Taxation of foreign employees Foreign employees are levied a flat tax of 32% on Finnish earned income
Access to double tax treaties (YES/NO) Yes, Finland has approximately 85 double tax treaties
Other services Our accountant in Finland offers support in applying for tax incentives and grants for companies, tax advice and planning support, taliored services for SMEs
Tax support in business insolvency/liquidation (YES/NO) Yes, we are at the disposal of companies in need of advice related to company reorganizaton
in case of insolvency and/or liquidation

Services provided by our accountant in Finland

Before we explain our main services, we mention that in Finland, a chartered accountant will be at your disposal whenever needed.
Our accounting services relate to the following:
  • tax and VAT registration which is a service mostly sought by companies;
  • bookkeeping and payroll management are also on the list of many companies;
  • audits are always necessary before filing tax returns, which is why such a service is also on our list;
  • financial statement, VAT returns and other financial documents preparation and filing is provided by our CPA in Finland;
  • tax advice, planning and optimization solutions can also be provided on request.
Apart from these, our accountant in Finland can also offer specialized support to foreign citizens and companies with activities here. In the same area, you can rely on us for immigration to Finland.
Our lawyers in Finland are specialized in various areas, so they can offer legal advice customized to our clients’ requests. If you decide to immigrate to Finland, you can submit an application for a residence permit even if you are self-employed. You must, however, hold a job before you can apply for a residence visa if your decision to relocate to Finland is based on your employment. Contact our immigration specialists for detailed information and support.

Register for taxation with our help

Tax registration has several components when it comes to companies in Finland, that can rely on our chartered accountant for specialized services.
Here are the main areas our accountants can help in:
  • registration for taxation when setting up a new business in Finland, no matter the chosen legal form;
  • registration for taxation when expanding a business in Finland through a branch office (specific regulations must be respected);
  • support in employment registration with the Employer Register which applies to both local and foreign enterprises;
  • VAT registration which is voluntary or mandatory.
The procedures are not complicated, however, they require attention when filing the paperwork, case in which the assistance of an accountant in Finland has become a habit and not an exception.

Bookkeeping services in Finland

Bookkeeping is another highly requested service from a CPA in Finland. This branch of accounting entails the control of the payable and receivable accounts of a domestic or foreign business with operations here.
Invoice issuance, cash management, and banking operations are some of the most important tasks an accountant in Finland must deal with in appropriate time.
The accountant will also be in charge of other accounting tasks, such as:
  • income statements preparation;
  • purchase and sale ledgers, and journals drafting.
Apart from our accounting services, we remind you that our law firm can also help with immigration to Finland. If you have a permanent residence in a member state of the European Economic Area as an EU citizen, you are eligible to launch a business in Finland. This can also help you apply for residency in Finland. However, the business creation procedure and residence permit application are two different aspects that can be explained by our lawyers.

The law on Finnish citizenship has recently undergone several changes. One of them allows for the cancellation of a person's passport if they have committed specific offenses. There are also other conditions to be met in order to lose this status, which is why if you are facing such a situation you can contact us for support.


Taxation in Finland

Taxation in Finland applies based on residency. This means that Finnish citizens, residents and companies will pay the income tax on their worldwide income, while non-residents will be taxed on the income generated here. This is why, when seeking to move here, it is advised to request the service of our immigration lawyers in Finland.
With respect to the tax brackets, here is what you need to know:
  • the personal income tax is levied progressively with the lowest bracket of 6% and the highest of 31.25%;
  • foreign employees are levied a flat rate of 32% on the salary obtained in Finland;
  • the corporate tax applies at a flat rate of 20%.
If you need the services of an accountant in Finland, do not hesitate to contact us. Our law firm in Finland is made of specialists in various fields, so you can rely on us for a variety of services.