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Digital Nomad Visa in Finland

Updated on Monday 05th December 2022

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Digital-Nomad-Visa-in-FinlandPeople who can work remotely and want a quiet and peaceful destination can choose Finland. It is possible to obtain a digital nomad visa in Finland provided that they meet certain requirements. However, there is not specific program that enables foreign citizens to apply for this specific type of visa. These need to obtain self-employment permits that can be used for completing various types of activities.
Our immigration lawyers in Finland are at your service if decide to relocate here as a digital nomad. We can provide tailored support related to various immigration matters.

Finland’s digital nomad visa for remote workers

Applying for a digital nomad visa in Finland is not difficult provided that the foreign citizen meets a few requirements. The most important is having sufficient money to support him/herself during the stay here. Since digital nomads can live here as self-employed persons or sole trader, the law establishes a minimum monthly income based on one’s type of work.
Another important aspect to consider is that Finland is an EU member state, which means that only non-EU citizens need to apply for a digital nomad visa if they want to move here. Our Finnish lawyers can provide customized support to persons outside the European Union who want to move here.

How to apply for a digital nomad visa in Finland

Immigration to Finland under a digital nomad visa implies contacting the nearest Finnish embassy or consulate in one’s country and filing various documents. Among these:
  • a valid passport (a minimum validity of 6 months is recommended);
  • proof of income under the form of a bank statement;
  • health insurance with international travel coverage;
  • proof of having a residential address in Finland;
  • proof of payment of the application fee (around 400 EUR).
The Finnish digital nomad visa has a validity of 6 months. Feel free to send us your enquiries about becoming a self-employed person in Finland.
In terms of income, you need to ensure the following when applying for a digital nomad visa in Finland:
  • at least 1,283 EUR per month grossly;
  • at least 3,000 EUR as a specialist;
  • at least 5,069 EUR if moving to Finland based on an EU Blue Card.
Feel free to address our law firm in Finland for details on the Employment Law. Immigration by employment is available for people all over the world. You must secure employment in Finland before a residence permit can be issued to you. You can submit a residence visa application once you've secured employment. You typically require residency in Finland as an employed person or another type of permit that allows you to work in Finland in order to be able to do so. 

Alternative to the Finnish self-employment visa for digital nomads

Not all foreign citizens who relocate to Finland for remote work purposes are self-employed, which is why an alternative to the digital nomad visa is the tourist or Schengen visa. This can be obtained for a shorter stay period, meaning 90 days. Among the documents to present for obtaining such a visa are the valid passport, proof of accommodation, and health insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 EUR. Bank statements indicating the income for the past 3 months are also required.
If you want to apply for a digital nomad visa under the form of a Schengen permit, you can obtain detailed information on the procedure from our immigration lawyers in Finland.
Due to the permissive nature of Finnish law, a citizen who also holds citizenship in another country does not lose their citizenship in Finland. The acquisition of a Finnish passport does not result in the loss of citizenship for a citizen of another Nordic nation, as these countries have specific agreements in place.

The best Finnish cities to live in as a digital nomad

According to data aggregated by Nomad List magazine, there at least 7 cities that have been ranked as the best to live as a digital nomad in Finland. Among them:
  • Turku ranks best in terms of living costs and internet speed, where the average monthly living cost is nearly 2,800 EUR;
  • Helsinki ranks second, with living costs of approximately 4,260 EUR;
  • Oulu is the cheapest city to live in Finland as a remote worker, with an average monthly cost of 2,684 EUR.
If you are interested in a digital nomad visa in Finland, contact our lawyers. We are at your service with complete services for immigration to Finland.