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Immigrate to Finland from UK

Updated on Thursday 05th October 2023

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British citizens who enter Finland after Brexit do not need a visa if they do not stay here for more than 3 months. However, this is not the case of those seeking to move to Finland from the UK for a longer period, case in which a residence permit is required.
Below, our immigration lawyers in Finland invite you to discover the steps and procedures you need to follow in order to legally move here. You can also rely on us if you want to move to Finland from another country.

Residency options for those who immigrate to Finland from the United Kingdom

When you decide on immigration to Finland as a British national, you have two options: to apply for a temporary stay visa or for permanent residency. However, it should be noted that this last option is available through special programs only, such as the investment visa
No matter the way you plan to immigrate to Finland from UK, it is best to check the relocation requirements first. Our lawyers can advise on the latest conditions.
Temporary residency can be obtained under several grounds. If you want to relocate to Finland from the UK based on this type of document, you can obtain permit that enables you to stay here for one year or for a maximum period of 4 years. You can also renew such a residence visa until you become eligible for permanent residence.
Feel free to address our Finnish lawyers for detailed information on all your options in order to choose the best type of permit for you.

Immigration to Finland from the United Kingdom based on employment

One of the simplest ways to immigrate to Finland from UK is obtaining a work permit. This implies a few steps, such as:
  • securing employment with a Finnish company;
  • the Finnish company will start the immigration process;
  • the type of residence permit you will obtain will have the same validity as the employment contract;
  • you can extend your stay here for up to 4 years, case in which you will become eligible for permanent residency.
Feel free to address our immigration lawyers in Finland about the work permits for foreign nationals.
If you decide to move to Finland from the United Kingdom, we can assist with the preparation of all documents. People who relocate permanently to Finland typically qualify for various benefits as well as social security coverage. Our lawyers can be your guide in the entire process of obtaining residency in Finland. Feel free to address our specialists no matter the situation you are dealing with, so that we can find a suitable solution.

Relocate to Finland from the UK as a sole trader

The Finnish authorities encourage small business owners, including among migrants, which is why if you plan to move here from the United Kingdom and continue a venture you had back home, you can do that. Once you move to Finland as a British citizen and obtain your residence permit, you can register with the Tax Administration and obtain your fiscal administration code that will enable you to set up a sole proprietorship. Then, you must register with the Companies Register where you will get your business ID.
Our lawyers in Finland are at the service of foreign citizens, EU or non-EU, who relocate here for business purposes. We can help them register any type of company they are interested in.


How to move to Finland from the UK through family reunion

Finland is very appealing for European citizens, many of them finding this country appealing from various point of view. When it comes to British people, many of them took the opportunity and relocated here before the Withdrawal Agreement terminated. This decision now enables them to reunite with the family members left in the UK.
One of the simplest ways to move to Finland from the UK is family reunion which is available to:
  • one’s spouse;
  • one’s civil partner;
  • a legal guardian of a minor child and children.


This means that if you are a British citizen and you have a family member who resides here based on a Finnish residence permit, you are eligible to apply for a residence card for family reunification. Therefore, the family member in Finland who will also act as your sponsor. The main requirement is that he or she must apply for their residence permit either prior to or at the same with your application for a family visa.
Once you obtained your visa, you relocate to Finland and register with the authorities in the city you will live in. This type of permit has a 12-month validity period, however, it can be extended.
If you are established in this country and need guidance in bringing your relatives to live with you, you can rely on our Finnish law firm.

Documents required to obtain residence permit as a UK citizen

The documents you need to draft and submit if you immigrate to Finland from UK imply a valid passport no matter the type of permit you apply for. Then, you need to prepare various papers in accordance with the reason of relocation. Among these:
  • employment contract if you relocate to Finland from the UK based on work;
  • documents attesting to the creation of a company if you will start a business and want to move here to manage it;
  • proof of your qualifications if you are a professional and will operate here as a self-employed person.
To access to the residency by investment program, you need to meet additional requirements. The first one refers to your age which cannot be lower than 21 and higher than 60. You also need to invest at least 350,000 EUR in a business venture. then, you can apply for citizenship. 
Citizenship in Finland comes with the possibility to traveling to nearly 190 countries all over the world. Depending on the reason of relocation and nationality you can become eligible for citizenship after a specific period.  However, there are also additional requirements to be met and which can be explained by our immigration lawyers.
Alternatively, if you want to relocate here by starting a business, you can rely on our lawyers in Finland to register any type of enterprise.

Residency extension in Finland

If you have moved to Finland based on a temporary residence permit, you must request for its extension before it expires. If your residence permit expires, you must leave Finland and start the relocation process again.
The Finnish immigration authorities will extend your permission to stay if you continue to satisfy the conditions you were issued your first residence card. The main reason to ask for an extension when relocating to Finland from the UK is securing permanent residency.
Feel free to address our lawyer for assistance no matter if you are planning to move or extend your stay in Finland.

Obtaining Finnish citizenship as a British national

Finland is without a doubt a country to immigrate to permanently, thanks to the great living conditions it offers. For this purpose, you will need to apply for a Finnish passport which becomes available after 5 or 7 years. Our lawyers can verify your eligibility criteria.
It is also worth noting that if you move to Finland from the UK with the intention of obtaining citizenship, you will not be required to renounce your British nationality.

How many British citizens live in Finland?

After the completion of Brexit, the number of British citizens leaving their country has increased. According to news, many of them have chosen Finland, as follows:
  • 800 British citizens have left the UK for Finland and obtained citizenship since 2016, when the Brexit issued was first discussed;
  • ever since, 2,800 more British citizens have moved to Finland;
  • at the end of 2020, the total number of UK citizens living here was about 5,000.
If you decide to move to Finland from the UK, our lawyers will be at your service.

Why immigrate to Finland as a British citizen?

Finland has plenty to offer to those who move here, and among its strengths we mention the following:
  • a top education system, that is recognized worldwide;
  • one of the greatest healthcare systems in Europe;
  • a great quality of life, Finland ranking among the best countries to live in the world every year.


If you want to immigrate to Finland from UK, contact our lawyers who will guide you.