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Immigrate to Finland from US

Updated on Thursday 21st September 2023

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Immigrate to Finland from USA
Finland attracts expats every year thanks to the high living conditions balanced by the living standard that are similar to those in large countries. However, Finland is a small European country that has managed to become an appealing employment and investment destination for foreign citizens all over the world, including the United States.
If you want to immigrate to Finland from US, you have multiple options when it comes to the types of visas you can apply for. You can rely on our immigration lawyers in Finland for assistance in relocating here and obtaining residency.

The main ways to immigrate to Finland from US

If you want to move to Finland as a non-EU citizen, such is the case of Americans, you have several options. The reason depends on your activity to complete here, and any of the following can be used:
  1. employment, which is remains one of the most appealing reasons to relocate to Finland from the United States or from any corner of the world;
  2. entrepreneurship is also a great way to immigrate to Finland by starting a business;
  3. study is quite popular among young foreign citizens who enroll with Finnish universities;
  4. family reunification for foreign citizens who have close relatives already established in Finland is also an option.
Special purpose residence permits can also be obtained by those who have other reasons to come to Finland, such as moving in with one’s fiancé.
Apart from Finnish residence permits being issued based on reasons, they are also issued based on the duration of stay. These can be released for determined periods of time or for permanent stays.
So, if you decide to move here from the United States, you need to obtain a residence permit in accordance with one of the reasons above. For this, you can rely on the support of our law firm in Finland.

How to move to Finland from US based on employment

One of the simplest ways to immigrate to Finland from United States of America from a formalities point of view is employment. In order to do that, you must first secure a work contract which will enable the employer to start the formalities for your relocation. However, you must also complete several actions with the Finnish Embassy in the United States.
If you have any questions on the Labor Law here, you can direct your questions on employment contracts to our immigration lawyers in Finland. You do not need Finnish residency if all you want to do is travel to Finland and stay there for no more than 90 days. However, a visa is typically required. You can stay in Finland for 90 days if you are a citizen of a nation that does not require a visa or a residence permit. Please contact us for information on the conditions of residing in this country.Apart from immigration support, we also offer other legal services.
IT is one of the most appreciated industries in Finland, however, there aren’t enough workers in Finland to fill new posts or take over for those who are retiring. So, if you are a foreign citizen looking to relocate, you can choose to apply for Finnish residency through employment and make a good living here.

How to relocate to Finland from US by starting a business

Business registration is one of the best ways to immigrate to Finland from the United States when it comes to being financially independent. The formalities for incorporating a company here are easy to complete, while the duration of having a company up and running has decreased in the past few years. Moreover, you can rely on our law firm in Finland for support in drafting the necessary paperwork and its filing with the local authorities.
It is also useful to note that the USA has a double tax treaty with Finland, which is very useful when obtaining various types of income here.

Family reunification for US citizens in Finland

Finland’s population was a little over 5.5 million inhabitants at the end of 2020, with approximately 300,000 persons of foreign descent, according to the National Statistics Office. This is why family reunification can be a good option if you are US citizen and have one or more family members who already live here.
The procedure for immigration to Finland this way is not complicated and implies indicating proof of kinship. 
Due to the permissive nature of Finnish law, a citizen who also holds citizenship in another country does not lose their Finnish citizenship. The acquisition of citizenship does not result in the loss of citizenship for a citizen of another Nordic nation. For details for citizens of other countries, please get int touch with our lawyers.
Finland recognizes dual nationality. If you are a foreigner but decide to apply for citizenship in Finland, the government will grant them this status without them having to give up their current passport. Contact us for information on how to apply for a Finnish passport as soon as possible.

Moving to Finland from the USA as a sole trader

You need a residence permit for entrepreneurial purposes in Finland if you want to start your own business or work as a self-employed person. This is one of the common ways for those who want to immigrate to Finland from the USA, as they can be the owners of small businesses, thus make sufficient money to support themselves.
In order to qualify as entrepreneur, one must:
  • be a business owner who runs an individually owned company or sole proprietorship;
  • be a member of a cooperative with an unlimited liability, a general partner in a limited partnership, or a general partner in a general partnership;
  • a stakeholder in a limited liability company with a managerial position.
A Finnish residence permit cannot be granted only on the basis of business ownership. One must also be employed by the company. 
If you are interested in moving to Finland from the USA as a sole entrepreneur, you can rely on our local law firm for support with the registration of your business with the Companies Register.

How to immigrate to Finland from the USA based on intra-company transfer visas

American citizens who work for companies with establishments in Finland can be transferred to Finland by their employer or to work as managers, specialists, or trainee employees.
Moving to Finland from the United States this way implies for the American citizens to must possess the skills and education necessary for the respective position, and they must have received a residence visa based on an intra-corporate transfer from another EU nation. In other words, in Finland, employee transfer is available when the American citizen comes from within the European Union.
Our lawyers in Finland are at the service of those who want to move here from the United States and will help them apply for the necessary type of residence permit.

Steps to apply for a residence permit in Finland as an American

Obtaining a residence permit in Finland as a US citizen is not complicated, and our Finnish law firm can help you complete the formalities. The steps to be completed are:
  • file the application with all the necessary documents with the Finnish immigration authorities (we can help you with this step);
  • wait for the papers to be processed and the visa to be released;
  • the final step in immigration to Finland.
You should note that the processing the application can take between 6 and 9 months, which is why you can rely on our immigration specialists for assistance in ensuring a correct submission procedure.

Timeframe for obtaining residency and citizenship

If you are looking to relocate to Finland from the United States, here is what you should expect when it comes to the duration of your stay here:
  • temporary residence permits have a validity of one to 4 years;
  • permanent residency in Finland can be obtained after 5 years (it also comes with EU residency);
  • citizenship can be obtained after living here for 5 years based on permanent residency.


Reasons for immigrating to Finland as an American

When comparing the two countries, the most obvious difference between the two is their size, with the advantage being on the side of the States. So, why would one decide on moving to Finland from the USA? Here are some of the many reasons:
  • Finland offers free public healthcare to all of its citizens;
  • it is ranked 3rd in the world for life quality, with an emphasis on safety, education, healthcare, and work-life balance;
  • finally, Finland is renowned for having one of the best educational systems in the world.


The best places to live as an American in Finland

Finland is also known as the ,,country of 1000 lakes’’ which makes a great place to live and connect with nature. Many people from other European countries choose to relocate here, not only from states all over the world.
Rovaniemi, Helsinki, Oulu, and Espoo are some of the most appealing citizens for moving to Finland from the USA.  Finland's capital is renowned for its architecture, and culture. One of Finland's most beautiful cities, Helsinki is home to some of the most wonderful islands.
For Americans looking for job in Finland, the city is a great location and an interesting place to live and work. Helsinki is one of Finland's safest cities, offering people a secure environment. Its downside is, however, the living costs, which are higher compared to other parts of the country.
A more livable city to immigrate to Finland from the USA is Oulu which draws tourists and foreigners seeking permanent residence thanks to its wooden homes, music festivals, and parks, which makes it a great place for families.
The city gathers the northern culture and nature to which contemporary technology contributes to give it a modern vibe. Oulu is also known for its excellent healthcare and educational systems.
No matter the way you decide to immigrate to Finland from the United States, contact our local lawyers for guidance.