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Move to Finland from Canada

Updated on Monday 20th February 2023

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Foreign citizens who want to relocate to Finland must meet various requirements, in accordance with their nationalities. This also applies to those who want to immigrate to Finland from Canada, as they are not citizens of EU or Nordic states. However, they have several options in terms of short and long-term residency.
If you want to immigrate to this country from Canada, our immigration lawyers in Finland are at your disposal with various services, based on the type of residence permit you are interested in. 

The main options under which you can move to Finland from Canada

Finland is very flexible when it comes to welcoming foreign citizens, and Canadians can apply for residence permits based on any of the following grounds and circumstances:
  1. study and work are often among the reasons for which one can seek to relocate to Finland from Canada;
  2. business is also on the list of many entrepreneurs who decide to remain in Finland;
  3. family reunification is also one of the ways through which one can immigrate to Finland from Canada;
  4. marriage is also an option for Canadian citizens who have registered their marriages to Finnish nationals.
When it comes to business immigration to Finland, some of the most important aspects to consider are that:
  • one can obtain an entrepreneur visa;
  • one can also qualify for a startup entrepreneur visa.
Depending on the reason you have to move here, our law firm in Finland can help you with the immigration procedure. It is worth noting that while the process is nearly the same for Canadians and citizens of other countries, the documents to be filed are different.

Short-term residency options for Canadian citizens

Not all persons are the same, therefore, some may want to move to Finland from Canada on a temporary basis, other may decide on permanent relocation from the beginning. However, temporary residency can lead to permanent one and later to citizenship.
Finland offers two types of temporary residence permits:
  1. the first one that has a validity of one year;
  2. the second one that has a validity of 4 years.
You need an entrepreneur's residence visa if you intend to work as an entrepreneur in Finland and you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union. A start-up residence visa is required if you intend to found a startup business in Finland. Once established here, you can apply for residency in Finland for permanent stay.
These are issued based on the reason one has to immigrate to Finland from Canada.
The following documents must be drafted and filed with the immigration authorities for a temporary residence permit:
  • a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months;
  • the visa application fee receipt;
  • documents that prove the reason of relocation;
  • health insurance;
  • proof of self-sufficiency.
The residence permit is issued in approximately 2 weeks. It is also worth noting that to enter Finland, a Canadian citizen does not need a visa if his/her stay does not exceed 3 months.
If you decide on immigration to Finland from Canada, you can always address our law firm for guidance on how soon you should start preparing your documents based on the date of your relocation. 
If you have relocated to Finland through a student visa, you can apply for an extended residence permit and search for employment in Finland. Those who have obtain a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Finland are eligible for a one-year Finnish residency permit that can later be renewed.

Permanent residency for Canadian citizens

Persons who move to Finland from Canada and live here for 4 continuous years become eligible for permanent residency. If they submit proof of meeting all the requirements for becoming permanent residents, their cards will be issued in a few weeks. This way, they can also become eligible for citizenship.
There are various rights and responsibilities that are only available to people who have obtained citizenship in Finland. Among these, the freedom to enter and leave Finland any time, the right, if one is 18 or older, to vote in presidential elections, legislative elections, and referendums. Just as important is the freedom to move around and work in EU countries. 

Finland-Canada relations

Finland and Canada have very good economic relations, as well as other things in common, such as values and even climate. According to data here:
  • Finland ranked as the 11th most competitive economy in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2019;
  • in 2020, the trade balance between Finland and Canada was at USD 1.6 billion;
  • the same year, Finland exported to Canada goods worth USD 999 billion, consisting of industrial machinery, equipment, and parts.
If you decide to move to Finland from Canada and need support, contact us! One of our immigration lawyers in Finland will guide you.