Permanent Residence in Finland - Guide on Relocation to Finland

Obtain Permanent Residence in Finland

Updated on Thursday 04th August 2022

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Obtain-Permanent-Residence-in-FinlandForeign citizens who want to move to Finland can apply for various types of visas that can lead to temporary, then permanent residence (PR), ultimately to citizenship. There are several pathways to obtain residency here, among them employment and investment being very appreciated by foreigners.
If you want to apply for permanent residence in Finland and need support, our immigration lawyers in Finland are at your service. You can rely on our law firm in Finland for support in various legal matters, including in starting a business here.

Visas that can lead to securing a permanent residence permit in Finland

Immigration to Finland, which is one of the most advanced countries in Northern Europe is definitely a dream for many EU and non-EU citizens. The latter first need to secure one of the following types of visas in order to prepare for Finland’s PR process:
  1. work permits are a sure way of obtaining permanent residence in Finland;
  2. investor visas can also be obtained by those aged 21 to 60 who want to establish themselves here;
  3. student visas are also a suitable option for those who want to know what it is like to live here before deciding to remain;
  4. the EU residence permit obtained in another country can also be used to move to Finland;
  5. family reunification visas can enable those who already live here to bring their families and obtain permanent residence permits.
If you want to apply for a PR card in Finland, you must live here for a determined period of time. Our immigration lawyers in Finland are at your disposal with detailed information on the procedure of obtaining it.

How long does it take to obtain permanent residence in Finland?

Finland’s PR process is linked to the type of temporary residence permit previously held. Here are the most important aspects to consider in this sense:
  • it takes 4 years of living to obtain a permanent residence permit in Finland through a temporary residence visa that has been duly renewed;
  • if you want to apply directly for an EU residence permit, the minimum living requirement is 5 years.
  • It is not necessary to spend the entire 4 years in Finland, however, the interruption cannot exceed 2 years. Also, the grounds under which the renewal of the Finnish temporary resident card can be different during this time.
Immigration to Finland through a permanent residence permit implies preparing various documents. Our Finnish lawyers can help you draft and submit them.

Documents to prepare for Finland’s PR process

The paperwork to draft in order to obtain a permanent residence permit in Finland is not much, however, it must be carefully prepared. The application form, the valid passport, and a declaration of income are the documents to file with the Finnish Immigration Services.
With respect to the income requirement, it should be noted that you need to file proof that you have contributed to the national social security system. The amounts required depends on the grounds for applying for permanent residence in Finland. According to recent statistics, the average wage in Finland at the end of 2020 was EUR 3,228 per month.

How many foreigners live in Finland?

According to recent data, the largest number of foreigners entering Finland was registered in 2016, when 34,905 people were registered. In the past few years, fewer migrants arrived, as it follows:
  • in 2018, the number dropped to 31,106 migrants;
  • in 2019, there were 32,758 foreign citizens coming to Finland;
  • in 2020, a slight increase in migration numbers was registered with 32,898 persons entering Finland.
If you qualify for permanent residence in Finland and want to start the application process, contact us. Our lawyers can also help you apply for Finnish citizenship.