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Virtual Office in Finland

Updated on Monday 20th February 2023

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Virtual-Office-in-FinlandFinland is an appealing investment destination, as many foreign businesspersons identify themselves and their companies with the thriving market here. Opening a company in Finland implies completing various formalities based on the type of structure selected, however, some of these must be respected regardless of the chosen entity.
Having a business address is necessary and for this purpose, a virtual office in Finland can be a good starting point especially for foreign businessmen. However, this is not the only use of a virtual office.
Below, our lawyers in Finland explained the facilities associated with a virtual office in Helsinki, for example. We can also provide tailored support in setting up a business in this country, as well as with services related to immigration to Finland.

The virtual office in Finland and its facilities

A virtual office in Helsinki  is a service, therefore, it cannot be used as regular office space, which is why it combines flexibility and usefulness for those interested in having a place where they can obtain correspondence or a contact point that can be managed remotely.
Local and foreign investors alike can use virtual offices as legal addresses when opening companies in Finland, however, such a service also comes with:
  1. an address in a business center or other commercial facility that is easy to access;
  2. a local phone number – this a standard facility offered in any virtual office no matter the country;
  3. mail collection services that can be handled by a virtual assistant, on demand;
  4. other various communications solutions, such as fax, printer, and conference room availability.
One of the most sought such services is a virtual office in Helsinki, Finland’s capital.
Our Finnish lawyers are at your disposal with detailed information on how to obtain such a service. 

The best uses of a virtual office in this country

Helsinki is not the only city in Finland where a virtual office can be acquired, as the country has several important business centers, which is why we remind once more about the flexibility of such a solution.
Among the main uses of a Finnish virtual office, we mention the following:
  • that of a legal address which was the main reason such a service became available in the first place;
  • that of a local address for a company or single entrepreneur who needs an official address;
  • that of a contact point for foreign companies that need to keep in touch with their Finnish partners and clients or associates;
  • that of an address for a sole trader who needs a cheap solution in a city he or she does not have a place of business in.
If you are interested in a virtual office in Finland, you can personalize your service in accordance with your needs. All you need to do is get in touch with our specialists who can help you find the right solution.
We also invite you to discover what this country can offer from our immigration lawyers in Finland. Even if you only want to work here temporarily, you must register and get a personal identification code if you immigrate to Finland. If you wish to stay in Finland permanently, you must also apply for residency. In order for you to take advantage of the benefits offered here, our immigration attorneys can assist you in getting the required paperwork.
We are also at your disposal with support in immigration matters. If a person has lost their Finnish citizenship, they can regain it through a quick declaration process that doesn't need residency. If you are in this position and need support, our lawyers can help you. Get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Finland who will help you draft your declaration. 

How to obtain a virtual office in Helsinki

If you want to acquire a virtual office in Finland and decide for Helsinki, the first step is to search for the services available in the area. Luckily, you will have plenty of choices in various business centers located downtown or at the outskirts of the city. Once you have found the right option, you can contact the service provider and ask for the offer that will not be delayed, no matter the facilities you want.
An aspect you need to consider is that price of such a service depends on the period you want to have the service for. The standard rates apply on a monthly basis, but here is trick you can use to cut on the costs: the longer the period you sign the contract for, the lower the monthly price will be.
Thanks to the fact that it is based on a contract, if you decide to make any amendments, these will be easy to implement and the new terms to come into effect in the shortest time possible.
A Finnish virtual office is not only a safe option, but a more flexible and cheaper one compared to a traditional rent. Apart from these aspects, you will have no maintenance costs, as you will pay for the service alone.
Choose a virtual office in Helsinki and enjoy the benefits of having an address that is easy to find and access to some of the most high-tech services available.
Our law firm in Finland can help you find the solution you need. You can also rely on our immigration lawyers in Finland for relocating here. You can apply for Finnish residency at diplomatic or consular mission if your old permit expired while you were away. A visa cannot be issued for this reason because the Visa Code's return criterion has not been satisfied. If you need legal support in such cases, please get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Finland who can guide you.

Economic facts in Finland

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has issued a recent report indicating a slowdown in Finland’s economy due to the Covid-19 pandemic that currently affects the entire world.
According to its data:
  • 2021 is expected to end with an economic growth of 3.5%;
  • however, in 2022, Finland’s Gross Domestic Product is predicted to decrease by 2.9%;
  • in 2023, the country’s economy is expected to register an increase of 1.5%.
For assistance in obtaining a virtual office in Finland, contact our local lawyers. If you decide on a virtual office in Helsinki, we can help you acquire one. We can also assist in immigration to Finland.